Management Development Masterclass

This series of easy access, easy read guides is designed to provide managers with the key skills that they need to be effective and successful in their career as manager.

Managers Guide to Making Effective Decisions (Proposed)

Everybody has to make decisions, in all sections of their life. Managers’ success is determined by their ability to make good decisions and to motivate their staff.

There are many proven methods of making decisions, including whether or when to make a decision at all. Not making or delaying a decision is a decision.

“Managers Guide to Making Effective Decisions” provides a handy course in decision making and a reference book for whenever a decision is made.

Take the trouble to learn and apply formal decision making structures and you will rapidly become more successful and gain the respect and confidence of your colleagues.

Here are some highlights:

  • General approaches to decision making
  • Structured approach to decision making
  • Creative thinking
  • Designing a decision making strategy
  • Systems thinking
  • Decision execution
  • Improving Communication

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